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Make a Difference in Someone's Day!
10-23-2014, 04:35 PM
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Star Make a Difference in Someone's Day!

Hi! My name is Brittany Skar and I am a supervisor in guest services at a ski area in the P
I am open to all sorts of conversation as I am new to my role in the industry. Advice is always welcome!

Earlier in the week, my mind started wondering about making an impact. Guest Services is applicable to every single department whether we are on the front line as a ticket seller, fitting boots in the rental shop, or getting the lifts running in the morning as a lift mechanic. While we are working, we are in uniform and can be spotted by guests, it is imperative to keep that in mind. We can spot a guest, easy... but they can just as easily spot us!

If you are walking around the mountain, be sure to smile at the guest. I prefer the word guest over customer because we are WELCOMING them into our establishment. Even if you aren't in the place you normally work, make the guest feel welcome.

Here are a couple thoughts that have been on my mind on HOW to make an impact. Of course, smiling is great, but there are other ways as well...

-See a mom or dad struggling carrying their families skis from the parking lot, stop and ask if you can help!
-See someone taking a picture of a group, ask if you can take the picture to get everyone in.
-See someone lost, ask if you can help them get somewhere, and TAKE THEM THERE. Coming to a ski resort for the first time can be an intimidating feeling, not knowing where anything is or where to start. Instead of just pointing and saying, "ummm its downstairs, outside, and behind the ski patrol building" you should say, "let me take you there and make sure you're taken care of". This is huge! And if you are a couple minutes late to clock in/out, I'm sure your supe or manager will totally understand you taking the time to go above and beyond for a guest.

These are just a couple of basic ideas and I would love to hear feedback or other ideas!

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