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Hello & Welcome is a website created to help all departments in the ski industry gain knowledge and ideas from all over the world. It is a site developed to network and share with one another. As many of you may know the ski business is unlike any other business. Here you will find designated sites and forums for whatever department of a ski area you are interested in. For each and every individual to grow, learn, share, and be apart of. To keep the industry up-to-date on news and trends.

This site is very young and will grow day to day with the help of the members from the ski industries.  Personally I’m a lift mechanic by trade.  I feel there is a need for us mechanics to be more connected, help solve problems and be more efficient.  The main focus of this site is geared towards mountain operations.  As the site grows I believe ski areas around the world will be fully connected with a strong platform to take the industry to the next level, one department at a time.

For information on specific topics in the ski industry please visit our FORUMS.  There is much to share and learn.

Also check out our public online GALLERY where you will find great images of day to day mountain operations and much much more.  Browse and create your own albums to share with everyone in the ski community.

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